The goal of my foundation is very simple: help youth, stop the bullying and promote physical activity in schools.

I personally ensure that 100% of the funds are redistributed to the best Canadian resources and programs dedicated to preventing bullying and promoting youth participation in sports.

GSP's Bullying Story

Being bullied when I was a little kid played a huge role in who I am today. It made me.
Below is part of my story, written by a friend of mine:

“Alone, the skinny kid walked to school as he always had. The same houses, along the same street, seeing the same trees, ditches and neighbors he’d always known in St-Isidore, a town of 2,200 people smack in the middle of nowhere.

The problem was that he couldn’t stop himself from repeatedly licking his dry lips. Round and round, over and over again, until his raw skin pealed into a red outline framing his mouth. A diminutive clown, every single day of school. They could see him coming, he said, “because I was so ugly. I was easy pickings.”

Before he could reach for the school’s front door, a group of 12-year-olds – held back three school years because of serious behavioral problems – would pounce on and strip him. Strip him of his pants, of his lunch money, and of his dignity before a laughing chorus of boys and girls. Everybody pointing fingers except for the shadows of his few true friends – other nerds, other rejects in hiding. The helpless.

Georges St-Pierre was nine years old…”

Bullying has always existed and hundreds of thousands of kids around the world still suffer from abuse at the hands of peers. It usually happens at school. Bullying takes different forms, it can be verbal or physical abuse, often both. It usually evolves over time, grows worse and takes different forms. Cyberbulliyng is the latest and most alarming trend, and it didn't exist when I was 10 years old.
Every single bullied child has her or his own story. Sadly, a lot of these stories don't have happy endings and people carry suffering with them for years. I want to help people who are and have been bullied. I want to help them learn how to deal with bullying As a first step, this is what I tell them:

what to do with Bullies

To bullied kids and teens I say, talk to your parents and teacher(s) about what is going on. Sharing and communicating are important because you are not alone. Also, stand up straight and look people in the eyes, do not retaliate with violence, be confident and tell the truth - all this will make you feel better and empowered. You have to know that there are people out there who want to help.

To bullies I say,  nothing positive will ever come out of your actions. You are not only destroying your victims’ lives, but also YOUR life. Stop wasting your time and your potential, RESPECT YOURSELF, RESPECT OTHERS.

To parents I say,  never assume that your kid can’t be bullied or can’t be bullying others. Bullying has no social class or other demographic profile. Regular communication with your kids and teens is key. Don’t accept vague answers, take the time to discuss this issue thoroughly and take action at the first sign even if your child admits to being a passive witness of ongoing bullying. It's your job.

To teachers and other adults I say,  never close your eyes or look the other way on bullying, you have the power to change the life of human beings that deeply need your help, and right now.