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Georges St-Pierre: The Way of the Fight

An intimate, human and philosophical look at the life of the MMA world champion — his journey from years of bullying to the very top of the world of mixed martial arts

As the world’s most popular MMA fighter, Georges “Rush” St-Pierre seems almost impossibly tough and dominant. But long before he was “GSP,” as his millions of fans know him, he was just a kid harassed by bullies. But he was also a kid who, thanks to years of practicing martial arts, invented his own way of life.

He became a black belt in karate at the age of 12. In his later teens, working as a garbage collector to finance his unique and innovative training methods, GSP learned from repeated losses and ultimately found a way to triumph in a highly competitive field.

Along the way, he discovered a simple truth: never stop reaching for your goal

With startling honesty, GSP relates the true story of growing up in the martial arts and discovering that his passion for learning and constant improvement makes him happy. By way of fighting, he’s discovered how to succeed; by way of injury, how to maintain perspective on that success. This book highlights the lessons that brought him there, the unique system he invented to combine various forms of fighting arts, and the key people who helped make him world champion.


“…a more than serviceable entry in the genre that is likeable for all the reasons its author is likeable: it’s aware of its audience, willing and able to share wisdom, and even when you’re sure it’s not telling the whole story, the story it does tell is both generous and charming.”
-Jacob McArthur Mooney, National Post

The Way of the Fight delivers a great deal more than a book written in that manner could. It is part biography, part self-help, part philosophy. It is a book that, read in the right manner, teaches more than it tells.”
-Trent Reinsmith, Bleacher Report

“St-Pierre the martial artist dissects MMA on a different level and the layers of dedication he has for his craft are, at times, staggering to read about.”
-Loretta Hunt, Sports Illustrated

“Together, along with co-writer Justin Kingsley, the authors execute with razor like focus - not unlike a five round championship bout - a complex yet simple peek at just what drives St. Pierre to near perfection inside and outside of the cage.”
-Mike Straka, Access MMA

“To get a close-up peek at the UFC welterweight champion as you’ve never seen him before, pick up a copy of “The Way of the Fight” at your local bookseller or grab a digital edition online today.”

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